PK Protocol Phosphatidylcholine

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PK Protocol Phosphatidylcholine

PK Protocol Phosphatidylcholine


This medicine has become increasingly popular in the detoxification methods for the brain and central nervous system. This powerful product is a type of phospholipid that helps support cellular health. It is used to help the body detoxify, protect it from damages, promote healthy lipid metabolism and hormone function, and more. With such potential benefits, it’s easy to see why this product has become such an integral part of our practice.

Promote Good Health

Recent studies have indicated that the use of this product can integrate with many other natural treatments to create a holistic approach to improved overall health. Patients dealing with fatigue, low energy, poor digestion or poor skin texture may benefit from incorporating PK Protocol Phosphatidylcholine into their holistic treatment plan under professional guidance.

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Phosphatidylcholine, also known as PC, is an important phospholipid found in many body tissues. Hydrogenated phosphatidylcholine is a form of this lipid that has been hydrogenated or saturated with hydrogen atoms to make it more stable and less prone to oxidation.

It is often used as a supplement to help support the liver, as well as for its potential anti-inflammatory and immune-supporting effects. It is also commonly referred to as BodyBio PC or hydrogenated phosphatidylcholine liver. It can be taken orally or administered intravenously depending on the individual’s needs. 

Benefits of Phosphatidylcholine

It is a critical component in the formation of healthy cell membranes, as it helps to maintain their integrity and form. It also plays an important role in many metabolic processes such as fat transport and synthesis, as well as energy production.